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Taiwan’s Halloween Costume!

I’ve been seeing people refer to her as heroine!Taiwan since that’s what Korea wanted, but that is an incorrect name for her costume.

I also see people not knowing who she is playing or fanartists coloring her costume wrong as they are not aware of the official colors (don’t worry actually, all the fanart I’ve seen on tumblr is miraculously colored correctly, all the incorrect colors I’ve seen were on Pixiv…) . ^^; So here! Some clarification/proof/etc. if you missed the original post where I stated who Taiwan was dressed as.

Our lovely Taiwan is actually dressed as the mascot for Microsoft Silverlight Taiwan.

The mascot’s name is Hikaru, but on pixiv most just refer to her as [the] Silverlight. :D The only reason I know of her is because I browse all the Taiwan tags on pixiv lol, and I often see Hikaru.

I wonder if I was the only one who recognized what Taiwan’s costume was as soon as I saw it… ;w;

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