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A suggestion to people who post R18 Hetalia art

I’ve been noticing an increase in this lately, and that is:

Tagging R18 material with country names.

Please don’t tag with country names.

There are users who are not in the Hetalia fandom who search those tags. How do you think they feel when they come across art like that? What if they don’t have tumblr savior for those sort of things?

It’s not smart. It’s not sensible. Someone could be offended by it.

Sometimes I search the ‘tiger’ tag, because I love tigers. But guess what I come across every once and a while? Tiger & Bunny R18 images. I don’t want to see that. I did not search this tag to find that. Likewise with people searching country tags and expect to see pictures of said country.

If you need to tag it, use human names, or “aph [character name]” or “hetalia [character name]”. So people who actually want that sort of thing can find it.

But please. Spare the innocent people who are looking for pictures of actual countries and have no interest in Hetalia. :(

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